7:15pm – 8:45pm

Stanley Palace

83 Watergate St, Chester City Centre

£8 (Drop in)



Ashtanga Yoga

Chester Ashtanga is a partnership offering traditional Ashtanga Yoga in Chester City Centre. Classes are led primary series within a traditional Sanskrit count. Chester Ashtanga’s aim is to encourage students to develop a strong/full understanding of the system of Yoga using a mindful approach to find longevity within your Ashtanga Yoga practice. (Allow for a relaxed approach to the timing of the count to suit the needs of students and extra tuition where required.)

What is Ashtanga?

Ashtanga yoga is a sequential method of yoga practice which develops the practitioner in both a physical and psychological way. It can create a strength that allows incredible control of the body and mind by use of correct breathing, postures, and gazing points. The word “Ashtanga” is an encompassing description of eight sub-branches that are all connected as one.

Yama (abstinences)

Niyama (observances)

Asana (postures)

Pranayama (breath control)

Pratyahara (sense withdrawal)

Dharana (concentration)

Dhyana (meditation)

Samadhi (contemplation) 

These branches support each other. First the Asana practice must be well established to provide the required control for pranayama, the development of the yamas and niyamas is also essential. Once the four outwardly oriented branches of the eight limbs have sufficient supporting strength, the last four internally oriented branches will develop automatically over time. It is often said that Ashtanga is a life-long practice. Ashtanga is best learnt slowly and methodically for the system to become engrained within us as a means of sustaining a long and fulfilling life.

Most importantly; feel comfortable in your Yoga Meditation seat and enjoy your time in class.



David Pugh

David’s first Ashtanga teacher was Peter Clemson in Glazebury. For the past 10years he furthered his Ashtanga studies mainly under the guidance of Matt Ryan in Manchester but also travelled to study with his friends Yasmin Andrew and Andrea Everingham .

David has always been an enthusiastic student attending workshops with Danny Paradise, Matthew Sweeney, Kino MacGregor, Manu Rossi, David Keil and Lucy Crawford Scott and has undertaken Teacher Training with both David Swenson and Manju Jois. Dave was eventually awarded a 200h TT certificate from John Scott with whom he continues to develop his teaching skills as well as his personal Ashtanga Yoga practice.


Will Burton

After studying Theredevan Buddhism for many years in East Asia Will found himself seeking an alternative path for his spiritual discipline choosing to swap the Buddhist Eight Fold Path for the Eight Limb Path of Ashtanga Yoga.

Will has been fortunate to live, practice and teach Yoga across Europe and Asia. He is currently teaching Entry level Yoga in Frodsham, Warrington and surrounding areas. Will has a daily commitment to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and is passionate about helping others to experience the great joys of Yoga Meditation. Will also specialises in Bodywork/Massage treatments; with his knowledge firmly rooted in anatomy to best support his clients recovery from injury. (Bodywork sessions are a must with Will)

Ashtanga specific training include Ryan Spielman and David Swenson.






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